Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Anti-Bullying Final Evaluation

The product is good and we have created a lot of extra games and if you want to try them go to:

The whole project took a really long time but it was fun. We used our time wisely except were I didn't write the other blogs which I will write later after this at home or after this.

In the investigation we did in the first week at looked for different sites but sploder looked like the best.

In the design we worked on creating games for about the second and third week.

In the plan stages we thought about which games would be suitable for children and a little hard, also done on the third week.

On the create stage we made the games for little kids.

I think we did the project very well and kids will like our games and Abdul Rahman made a little animation which is nice. I created good and challenging games.

I could have done the other blogs on time.

Done my blog on time so I could have gotten a better grade and be on track.

Every thing worked with how we planned but time flew faster than I though, so I couldn't do my blog.

There where no difficulties but I didn't get any feed back since I didn't blog the others.

It had a good impact on me and I think the same about my group and I hope others enjoy our games.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Game Design Specification

Site we are trying
Sploder Games
I have made a variety of games with my group on sploder but we are trying a new site right now to see how we can design there. Most games on sploder are shooting, fighting so that might give a bad idea to small kids. The games on sploder end when you collect the cyrstal or defeat the enemy depending on if there is a crystal in the level. It is unrealistic but you can make the stage very hard. 

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Anti-Bullying Campaign

Bullying is when you try to make someone feel bad in any way. And you shouldn't do it because it makes other people feel bad. If your a bully then you should stop immediately and if your getting bullied tell a teacher or a grown up and they'll do something about it or you can stand up to them but if it doesn't work back to plan A even if they threaten you do it.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

IWeb Final Evaluation

I think my product has come out well, it doesn't quite match my first planning but I think I made it better.

I think I did very well on my investigation, I had found a lot of sites and there were so much that I had put my delicious for reference page.

The designs are different but I still think it looks nice/better. There is also a few videos that stopped working or didn't have a embedding code so I put there URLs.

It ended up different then  the first plan but I think the new plan looks better.

I had some problems embedding, creating the site and it took me a while to get used to it then I worked on it and I think I got a reasonable product.

I think I learned how to use mac/apple, and how to make an IWeb.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Client Meeting

Did not finish this Post!

1. Your design and layout of your web pages -does it fit your drawing/plan?

2. Your topic and research. What have you done in class?

3.Color,font and the use of multimedia

4. Does it have five pages ?

5. The features of Apple IWeb. What is working. What is not working in the web application.

6. Embedding, what is a widget
7. Do you have an emergancy plan? Do you have a reference page?

8. You must take screenshots of your....iWeb, Delicious bookmarks and Google Docs

1.My design and layout is similar to my drawn plan but the videos on the home would not come so I left it out. For the video page, what they did was not an option on IWeb so I just put the urls for it.

2. I have gathered information about Tsunamis for about three days in class and put it on my IWeb and saved bookmarks on Delicious.

3. The background colors are mostly related to blue (for water). I used some pictures. The fonts are almost all the same except the titles and a few different pages.

4. I have made five pages but I didn't put a logo on them, I also didn't put the bibliography but I will put them on later.

5. Most things were working but the one that didn't work was embedding the video.

6. A widget is a gadget on the computer.

7. I do have an emergency plan but I still am working on a reference page.

8. I did not use google docs. but I will show you pictures of my IWeb  and Delicious.